Replacement of your Vinyl Liner can be quite an investment. So when is the right time to replace it?  Over time the vinyl liner becomes brittle and begins to shrink due to chemicals and exposure to sunlight. You can usually notice this shrinking beginning above the water line, especially in the corners. Are the corners of your existing liner beginning to tear or bulging out instead of being tight to the wall? This is a telltale sign of an aging liner that will soon need to be replaced.

If you notice your pool is losing water more than normal evaporation, you may have a hole in your liner that needs to be patched. Most professional pool retail stores will sell patch kits and leak detection syringes.  The syringes hold a small amount of dye that when squirted near the hole, will show where the water is leaking. A good place to start looking for a leak is around the light, skimmer, or stairs. Once you find the hole, the clear peel and stick patch can be put over the hole like a postage stamp.

If you are unable to find the leak, you may need to call a professional pool company to schedule a leak detection.  They usually have special equipment to find the general location of the leak. Patching a liner with one or two holes is fine.  If you have developed 10 or 20 holes, time to replace the liner!

Pool Vinyl Liners Come in a Variety of Patterns & Colors

Finally, some people replace the liner because they just want a new look to the backyard pool, similar to a person painting their house or changing their carpet. Liners come in a variety of patterns and colors now so you will have a lot of options to choose from.  As a general rule, the darker the liner, the warmer the water and the lighter the liner the cooler the water. So if you like to swim in really warm pool water, choose a very dark blue or even a black liner. If your pool is in full sun and gets too warm for your liking, choose a light gray or tan liner to keep the water cooler.

Once you decide it is time to replace your liner, a professional pool company will measure your pool so your liner fits like a surgeons glove. We do not recommend ordering a “stock” liner the approximate size of your pool without measuring. This leads to a liner being the wrong size with unsightly wrinkles.