Jo-Co Pools Inc. takes pride in providing superior customer service in all we do, whether we’re designing and constructing a custom pool and spa, renovating or remodeling an existing pool and spa, or providing weekly maintenance and repair services. We value our customers and appreciate hearing from you. Please take a few minutes to read through our customer reviews to see what some of our clients have had to say about their experience with Jo-Co Pools Inc.

“Thanks so much for getting my pool clear. It has not been clear for 13 years. I had a clear pool and the staff was so helpful and very competent. Everyone went above and beyond. Thanks!”

Sandy R.
Anna, Illinois

“We bought our first pool from Jo-Co about four or five years ago. I have had nothing but good service from them. Every year they open and close our pool. They have excellent service and are always willing to help in times of need. They have prompt service, when they say they will be at our house to open and close our pool they come through. I would not trust any other pool company to help me with my pool needs. I would recommend Jo-Co Pools to anyone.”

Cam D.
Steeleville, Illinois

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for another year of great service on our pool! You’re still very dependable and your staff are like family!”

Ken A.
Murphysboro, Illinois

“Our pool has been serviced and repaired by Jo-Co for several years. The service has been prompt and efficient. We have also used their chemicals all these years too. We are still swimming in clear water.”

Max H.
Vienna, Illinois

“Jo-Co Pools has always come through for us. We began using their services 15 years ago, and have been satisfied with their work. They have been very helpful and friendly when we’ve called for help. I would recommend them to everyone.”

Carolyn D.
Anna, Illinois

“After 12 years the Jo-Co pool looks great with the same liner in good shape. The concrete deck, steps, and ladders are all original and work the same as the year (1999) they were constructed.”

Rick E.
Carbondale, Illinois

“Thank you very much for all the work you do to keep our pools nice and clean!! I truly appreciate you opening and closing my pool. Even in the wind the pool cover is staying on. This has been the biggest challenge for me. Thank you.”

Carol M.
Murphysboro, Illinois

“We purchased an aboveground pool from Jo-Co Pools over 10 years ago. Jo-Co has always been available to help with any questions or concerns. We have taken samples of our water into the store and they always talk us through our problems and help fix the pool. I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing a pool to consider Jo-Co. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for the wonderful service you have given us.”

Pam M.
Grand Chain, Illinois

“We have enjoyed our pool for over 11 years now and have had a very good relationship with this company. We have just this year had to replace our liner of 11 years with very much success and we love the exceptional installation that was done to our pool. All of the employees were great; they have taken care of us for many years with all of our questions and needs to keep our pool in good condition. We would like to encourage anyone that is going to purchase a pool for their home to call Jo-Co Pools. They are GREAT!!!!”

Mike P.
Dongola, Illinois

“We installed our pool in 1995 and we still have the same liner. Jo-Co Pools is a very reliable and dependable business. It does not matter when we call with a problem with the water. They always help us immediately. The individuals who come to open or close our pool are always very courteous. We live in Ava, Illinois. I have spread the word about Jo-Co Pools to many individuals who have contacted Jo-Co and then installed their pool. They too have always been happy with Jo-Co.”

Gerald S.
Ava, Illinois

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did installing our new pool. You were so kind and helpful in getting us through a difficult summer. Thanks for being dependable, reliable, honest, and upright in your business dealings.”

Terry and Pam J.
Pinckneyville, Illinois

“We have been VERY pleased with Jo-Co Pools! I have enjoyed working with you-it has been a very pleasant experience! We will definitely recommend you to anybody interested in a pool.”

Brad G.
Carterville, Illinois

“You asked us once why we chose you to build our pool and we’re not sure that we answered that question completely. From the beginning we were impressed with your knowledge, character, and patience in answering our many questions. We felt that you were someone who was worthy of our trust, and we are so glad that we made that decision. We feel that we not only have our dream pool, but we’ve made new friends in the process. Thank you for everything.”

Mike and April S.
Chester, Illinois

“I have been very, very happy with my 30′ by 40′ inground pool that was installed by Jo-Co Pools. They were the absolute best to work with during the installation process and Matt continues that work ethic and professionalism throughout the swimming season with pool maintenance, opening and closing. I can honestly say the addition of the pool was money well spend.”

Vurla J.
Carbondale, Illinois

“I just wanted to tell you that it is no wonder Jo-Co Pools has maintained the excellent reputation that you’ve built. Your crew working here are nothing short of spectacular. You should be very proud. Thank you very much!”

Darren W.
Chester, Illinois