The temperature has dropped, the leaves are beginning to change colors, and the kids have gone back to school. That can only mean one thing: It is time to think about closing the pool for the season.

It is very important that your pool water be balanced before closing the pool. This means that your chlorine level must be between 1-3 ppm. Closing your pool with an extremely high chlorine is not good for your liner. It is also imperative that your pH level should be between 7.2-7.6. Quite often when our technician arrives at a pool to be winterized, he finds the pH to be very low. Closing your pool with low pH is very hard on your liner and equipment. Equally important is making sure your alkalinity is between 80-120. This parameter will help hold your pH where it needs to be.

Once the three benchmark levels of chlorine, pH and alkalinity are normal, you may now add a winterizing dose of algaecide. For your convenience, we offer a closing “kit” that includes a non-chlorine shock, stain and scale preventative and a winter grade algaecide.

You are now ready for your equipment to be winterized and your pool to be covered for the winter. Make sure all leaves, acorns, toys, metal objects, etc are removed from the pool before covering. Leaves and even small metal objects like bobby pins can cause staining to your pool bottom.